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Boat Safety Testing offers you a professional, convenient Boat Safety Test for your Private Boat in Norfolk & Suffolk. We will ensure your vessel is tested to the exacting standards required of the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS). If your boat does not meet the requirements of the Scheme, your examiner will take the time to fully explain why this has happened and you will be provided with a detailed report. For more information on the BSS or any of the Partner Agencies please click on the logo/links below.




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The Boat Safety Scheme, or BSS, works on behalf of the UK's

navigation and harbour authorities to help sustain safety and promote

pollution avoidance on the inland waterways in respect of boats, their

installations and components. The BSS does this through advice,

identification of hazards, promoting techniques to avoid risks and

information gathering and research.

The navigation authorities are committed to help prevent boat fires,

explosions, or pollution harming other people and property.

The Scheme reduces the risk of such incidents by using the BSS

examination to verify that systems and appliances on any given boat

at least meet the minimum safety requirements.